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NEW: Science Mission Directorate-Supported ROSES-16 Proposals for Computational Projects Requiring Use of NASA High-End Computing Resources

Proposers responding to NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences 2016 (ROSES-16) solicitation with computational research projects must include a one-page-maximum justification of their NASA High-End Computing (HEC) resource requirements. Proposers must download and use the High-End Computing Request Template to describe computing time and data storage requirements, as well as the preferred location where the computational project will be accomplished for each year of the proposed award period (referred to as the multi-year resource phasing plan). Note: Proposers should refer to the Standard Billing Unit (SBU) Conversion Factors when quantifying computing time requirements.

Once completed, proposers must convert the template into PDF and upload it to NSPIRES/Grants.gov as an attachment with their proposal. Be sure to check the box on the ROSES-16 proposal cover sheet indicating that a request for use of HEC resources was included. Relevant science peer review panels will review the proposal and computing request for selection determination given resource constraints. Allocation of HEC resources will be awarded based on the multi-year resource phasing plan confirmed during this selection process. If selected, Principal Investigators (PIs) have the opportunity to submit requests for small adjustments to their plan (<= 100,000 SBUs) in accordance with the semi-annual allocation process described below.

See ROSES-16 Summary of Solicitation Section I(d) for more details.

Direct your questions on SMD proposed allocation requests to support@hec.nasa.gov.


Open Call for Computing Time Requests to Use NASA High-End Computing (HEC) Resources For Science Mission Directorate-Supported Research

Submission Deadline for Allocation Award Year Beginning
September 20 November 1

If you are currently supported to perform NASA research for Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and you require NASA High-End Computing (HEC) resources; you can request specific computing time allocations on HEC resources at the NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS), located at Goddard Space Flight Center and the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility located at Ames Research Center.

Information on all available HEC resources, including computing systems, storage and support services, can be found on Systems & Services At A Glance.

Please submit your request(s) in eBooks by following the instructions at //hec.reisys.com/hec/computing/index.do.

All requests for computing time for new and continuing projects must be made through the eBooks website. The Cover Sheet form with a summary of the planned research and the Summary of Requirements form must be completed and submitted in eBooks. For new projects, there is a New Project Quad Chart that needs be completed and uploaded. For continuing projects, there is a Results Quad Chart. There is additional submission instruction available on the eBooks website.

Requests submitted by the deadline given above will be considered for 11-month awards beinning 1 November. PLEASE NOTE: This award period is only for 11 months. In the future, all SMD projects will be moved to one-year allocations beginning 1 October through 30 September. No direct funding will be provided through this award of computing time.

In addition, out-of-cycle awards are being eliminated, however, PIs may request a mid-cycle augmentation of up to 20% of their current award by submitting a modification request by 20 February. Mid-cycle modification requests will be awarded 1 April at the discretion of the SMD Managers if capacity is available.

Please direct your questions on SMD allocations to support@hec.nasa.gov.

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