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If you have an award letter and checked the box on your ROSES proposal cover sheet indicating that a request for use of NASA High-End Computing (HEC) resources was included in your proposal, you may immediately start the process of requesting accounts for your users—before you get your full allocation.

Due to NASA IT security procedures that must be completed before your team members can use HEC resources—with additional requirements for foreign nationals that can take longer to process—this step is offered to decrease the impact of these delays on your work. 

If you need assistance, send email to support@hec.nasa.gov.

SMD Accounts Start-Up Procedure

  1. Visit the eBooks online system.
  2. Click on the User Registration link to obtain an e-Books Username and Password.
  3. The List of Request(s) page will appear in your browser. Click on the Add Request button.
  4. Enter an appropriate title. This step generates a Request Number and a table listing your new request.
  5. Click on the View Details button inside the request table.
  6. On the Cover Sheet line, click on the Update button.
  7. After the Cover Sheet form appears, fill out all fields and press the Save Data button.
  8. HEC Support Services will create and email you a Group Identification (GID) for your project and give it an allocation of start-up computing time. The GID is the key piece of information for getting accounts.
  9. Visit the HEC Computing Systems Overview to determine the system(s) you are most likely to use.
  10. Follow the procedures on Getting Accounts for the computing center(s) with your desired system(s). Note: You and your team members can take NASA's Basic IT Security course at any time.
  11. Meanwhile, finish and submit your eBooks request stating your full requirement for HEC computing time for the award year. It will be queued for consideration at the next semi-annual allocation panel meeting.
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